Three Reasons Not to Miss the 2018 Future of Education Finance Summit

The Future of Education Finance Summit (FEFS) is more than just a conference- it’s an experience. We've planned 20 sessions and brought together over 30 respected speakers within the education finance sector to network and discuss new ways to meet today's challenges. While there are a bevy of reasons to attend FEFS, we’ve narrowed it down to just three:

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What You'll Learn

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The rich sessions at FEFS will cover timely topics including weighted-student funding models, creating strategically aligned budgets, and transparency in light of ESSA.

Meet colleagues and industry peers to discuss new tools, glean insights from unpublished data, and learn the techniques and mindsets needed to improve your district’s financial management strategy and create sustainable financial management practices. Listen as attendees share their progress and obstacles related to ESSA, engendering financial accountability, and bridging the gap between staffing and budgeting. Ask our presenters questions about their experience, their research, and their work, and learn first-hand the rationale behind it.

Who You’ll Meet

FEFS brings together researchers, policy makers, school board members, and K-12 leadership to discuss current and burgeoning best practices to address the present challenges with school finance.

At FEFS, you’ll get to spend the day shoulder-to-shoulder with movers and shakers within the education finance sector as well as those who are making a difference at the school level. The variety of networking and workshop opportunities at FEFS allow you to get to know those who have trekked the path your district may be journeying, and learn what to and what not to do to chart your course successfully.

What You’ll Take Away

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Past attendees have expressed that the insights gleaned from attending FEFS has been invaluable in helping them to improve processes and practices at their district. This year will be no exception. The anticipated sessions will certainly leave you brimming with ideas you’ll be eager to implement to improve your school or district. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to “sharpen your saw.”

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