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    Teacher Compensation
    The Next 10 Years of Ed Finance: Teacher Compensation
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    Student Enrollment-1
    The Next 10 Years of Ed Finance: Declining Enrollment
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    Let's Talk About Vacancies
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    Funding Flexibility: How 3 Districts are Using ESSER Funds to Meet Student Needs

    In addition to being the largest infusions of federal education aid in history, ESSER funds are unique because of the wide latitude they allow districts in deciding how to spend their awards. Most federal education programs stipulate that states allocate funding for a certain use: to support students living in poverty, for example, like Title I,...

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    The Resource Side of the Equation—Reflections from Jess Gartner

    Allovue CEO and Founder Jess Gartner talked about the opportunities and challenges of creating equitable district budgets on the Economics of Learning podcast with Dr. Don Killingbeck, the Superintendent of Hemlock Public School District in Michigan. During the discussion, Jess drew connections between the inadequate access to resources she had as...

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    Pivoting to Equity-Based Budgeting Using ESSER Funds

    We have abundant evidence that more money for schools translates into real benefits for students. Increasing per-pupil spending leads to improved test scores and higher graduation rates, particularly in low-income districts. What is more difficult to understand is how to distribute funds in an effective and equitable way.


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    Creating an Equity Vision and Planning for Equity-Based Budgeting

    Districts are uniquely well-positioned to improve resource equity. Given their deep understanding of the needs of their student populations and their schools, districts can diagnose and address resource needs with nuance and insight.

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