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    Get Real: The Messy Middle of Change Management in District Finance [Webinar]

    Join district leaders Steve Murley, Michelle Rodriguez, and Rene Sanchez as they discuss change management and finance with Jess Gartner of Allovue.

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    Webinars and conference presentations are chock-full of best practices and success stories. Once you’re on the other side of a major change, it’s easy to highlight the wins and celebrate what worked. But what about the messy middle?


    In this session, K-12 district leaders will candidly discuss what it’s like to be in the thick of transforming a long-held process, goal, or technology. What are the common challenges, barriers, and stressors that make change slow and difficult in school finance? Let’s get real with each other and talk about why change is hard, and why we push through the messy middle.



    • Michelle Rodriguez, Superintendent | Stockton Unified School District (CA)
    • Rene Sanchez, Superintendent | Champlain Valley Unified School District (VT)
    • Steve Murley, retired Superintendent | formerly with Green Bay Area Public School District (WI)
    • Moderated by Jess Gartner, Founder & CEO | Allovue



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    Allovue works with districts and state departments of education across the country to allocate, budget, and manage spending. Allovue's software suite integrates seamlessly with existing accounting systems to make sure every dollar works for every student. Allovue also provides additional services such as chart of accounts and funding formula revisions.