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    Allovue Announces Partnership with Austin ISD

    "We are excited to begin this project, after years of preparing budgets via Excel!” - Adriana Cedillo, Director of Budget & Planning

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    Student Enrollment 75,000
    Total Schools 125
    State Texas
    Allovue Modules Allocate, Budget, Manage

    Austin Independent School District prizes transparency and communication with invested stakeholders and the community. When it comes to budgeting, this can be challenging, since budgeting data and finance calculations are so complex. Austin plans to work with Allovue to develop budgeting practices that are more transparent and accessible to the public. Austin ISD is also looking to streamline its budgeting systems and increase efficiency. The district aims to ensure that spending decisions align closely to strategic priorities, so that all dollars go toward supporting students and helping the district meet its goals. 


    Adriana Cedillo, Director of Budget & Planning at Austin ISD, looks forward to leveraging tools specifically designed to help districts with budgeting, which will help Austin ISD’s finances become more transparent and efficient.  “We are excited to begin this project, after years of preparing budgets via Excel!”


    Allovue’s solutions take complex budget data and make it more intuitive and manageable. For Austin ISD, these tools will give school leaders greater involvement in the budgeting process. Building more principal involvement into the district’s budgeting policies will increase efficiency for school-level purchases. It will also give principals more insight into school and district finances, which they can communicate to teachers, parents, and other community members and help the district increase financial transparency. Because Allovue makes aligning district priorities to budgeting decisions simple, Austin ISD will be able to enter their goals and tie planned purchases to these priorities. Ultimately, Austin aims to work with Allovue to establish budgeting practices that improve funding and resource equity throughout the district.


    Laura Nord, Vice President of Sales at Allovue, is excited to partner with Austin ISD. “Austin is a forward-thinking district that identifies ways it can improve and takes thoughtful steps to strengthen supports for students. We can’t wait to work with them as they modernize their finance systems to ensure their budgeting is purpose-driven and transparent.”



    Published September 2022