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    Central Union High SD and Allovue Partner to Give Principals More Tools to Support Student Needs

    Working with Allovue will help CUHSD move to a more forward-thinking model to ensure that we are making this year’s dollars work for this year’s kids.” - Rauna Fox, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services

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    Student Enrollment 4,600
    Total Schools 7
    State California
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    Central Union High School District (CUHSD) is looking for ways to make it easier for principals to monitor their budgets, particularly when it comes to managing funds from different grants. Giving principals tools to track school-level finances by visualizing their spending will provide them with more information to make decisions that both fit their budgets and respond to their students’ needs. It will also free up capacity at the district to strengthen the alignment between the district’s budgeting process and their goal of making funding more equitable. Having more ways to easily visualize spending and budgeting will help CUHSD communicate their plans—building greater financial transparency and bolstering public support. 


    In collaboration with Allovue, CUHSD will expand principals’ autonomy over monitoring school-level spending, add visualization tools that can inform decision-making and communicate their budgeting plans, and strengthen their budget’s strategic alignment to their equity goals.


    Rauna Fox, the Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services at CUHSD, is excited to initiate this partnership so that its benefits quickly reach students. “Working with Allovue will help CUHSD move to a more forward-thinking model to ensure that we are making this year’s dollars work for this year’s kids.”


    Allovue software creates easy-to-interpret visualizations that simplify the task of monitoring spending day by day. By transforming dense accounting data into highlights and trends, Allovue will support CUHSD principals in being more intentional about spending. CUHSD principals will be able to easily monitor spending from specific grants and put funds to their best use before grant deadlines take effect. With principals able to take greater ownership over their own budgeting and spending, central office employees will have more time to structure equitable, goal-oriented budgeting policies.


    Emily Martin, an Account Advisor at Allovue, looks forward to seeing how working with CUHSD will allow school leaders to devote more time and attention to directly supporting their schools and students. “CUHSD principals are so excited to have up-to-date account, purchase order, and transaction information at their fingertips so they can spend less time manually tracking their budgets and more time focusing on strategies to foster student success.”



    Published May 2022