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    Wayne Township Uses Allovue to Eliminate Manual Tracking

    "Having Manage in place will help folks to monitor their dollars with confidence, without fear of overspending.” - Barry Gardner, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations

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    Student Enrollment 17,000
    Total Schools 19
    State Indiana
    Allovue Modules Manage

    Wayne Township is looking to give non-finance staff more tools for tracking and understanding their spending. The district wants to give district leaders more autonomy for purchasing, thereby freeing up central office finance staff to focus on ensuring that district dollars are spent as effectively and efficiently to serve their students.  


    Specifically, the district plans to save time by shifting manual finance tracking out of Excel spreadsheets and into a more intuitive account monitoring system. Increasing financial transparency will give district staff simpler ways to track their spending and gain a greater sense of ownership over their budgets. When department and school leaders have a stronger understanding of their own spending, employees in the finance office can spend less time monitoring their accounts and more time considering which investments will benefit students most. 


    Barry Gardner, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, knows that working with Allovue will help district employees in Wayne Township feel more in command of their spending. “I’m looking forward to giving district leaders more ownership over tracking their budgets on a day-to-day basis. Having Manage in place will help folks to monitor their dollars with confidence, without fear of overspending.” 


    Allovue’s software provides read-only access to account and spending data, which will promote financial transparency across the district. With school leaders and central office departments using Allovue to track their spending, the finance office can focus on ensuring district dollars are put to their most effective use. 


    Emily Martin, an Account Advisor at Allovue, knows that financial management tools can help districts better serve their students. “Traditional finance systems do not give district leaders an easy way to track their spending, which is exactly why we see districts like Wayne Township investing in solutions to enhance financial transparency. I am excited to see Barry Gartner lead the charge on this transformation and, ultimately, for Wayne Township students to reap the benefits of more strategic budget management.” 



    Published November 2022