Balance Manage: Performing Vendor Analysis (On-Demand)

Take a peek at Balance Manage - your district's answer to tracking district-wide spending, without opening spreadsheets.

In this on-demand recording, join Allovue as we explain how Manage can help your district perform vendor analysis to identify which vendors have the most impact on resources and guide your discussions as you budget your priorities for the next fiscal year.

In this fifteen minute session, we discuss the importance of a vendor analysis, the impact it can have on students, and how it can be done using Balance Manage. Throughout, we highlight some of Manage's new features to make your vendor analysis most effective. 

Manage makes it easy to view account balances and track district-wide spending using your existing finance system.

  • Our powerful “suggested search” uses everyday language to parse and filter financial data, analyzing spending by any segment from your district’s chart of accounts so you can identify patterns and ensure strategic spending. If you prefer code searching, our intuitive filters make it easy to filter for groups of accounts.
  • Have the latest transactions from your accounting system available every morning. Easily search and track purchases by vendor, description, date or other transaction information. Group by vendor to monitor spending limits and access current month expenses with date range filtering to make sure daily spending aligns with future goals.
  • Create and share district-wide bookmarks to grant access and insight into priority initiatives to all users with restrictions based on their permissions. Export and share robust bookmarked or filtered reports with ease without creating school- and department-specific spreadsheets. Keeping everyone informed keeps spending on track.

This webinar is presented by Dave Hopp. Dave is a Business Development Manager at Allovue, helping districts identify their strategic opportunities for growth. Prior to working with Allovue, Dave was a former teacher mentor and high school ESOL/Biology teacher for Baltimore City Public Schools.