Budgeting With ESSA in Mind (On-Demand)

Does the adoption of ESSA have your team feeling unsure of where to start? Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of managing budget season and prioritizing ESSA? The Allovue team has tips and tricks to help your district survive budgeting season and ESSA. 

You’re in luck: with Balance Budget, your district can tackle budget season and get ESSA ready, without the spreadsheet shuffle.

Watch the on-demand recording to learn how districts can:

  • Budget centrally held expenditures down to the school level to prepare for ESSA reporting
  • Allow for real-time budgeting to better collaborate with district stakeholders
  • Integrate with your ERP to make sure your spending patterns support your district’s financial goals

The agenda will cover:

  • Back to the Basics: What is ESSA?
  • State approaches to ESSA reporting
  • Case Study: New York State (NYS is ahead of the curve in terms of requirements for reporting, so we'll share some highlights of what we're seeing on the ground there.)
  • Best practices to employ during budget season - how can you budget with ESSA in mind?
  • A brief introduction to Allovue's product suite that supports strategic budgeting, effective financial management, equitable and effective resource allocation, and an ESSA reporting tool. The ESSA reporting tool pushes dollars down to the school level with a defined methodology and visualizations to share with district leadership. 

This webinar is presented by Rosalyn Curato. Rosalyn is the Chief Customer Officer at Allovue, Inc. Previously, she worked at Afton Partners, helping startup schools evaluate the financial and operational considerations involved with implementing blended learning, and supporting school districts with their strategic priorities such as student-based budgeting and district redesign. Before her foray into education, Rosalyn spent six years at Citigroup focused on special projects related to the subprime crisis and received an accelerated promotion to Vice President within the Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions team.