Democratization of Financial Data in Large Districts (On-Demand)

Financial management accountability often falls squarely on the shoulders of the business official at a school district. However, many school districts are moving towards a shared accountability model in which budget owners are held accountable for their own spending.

Watch the on-demand recording to learn all about:
  • Creating a culture of autonomy, where all budget owners participate in effective and strategic financial management
  • The tools and training needed to successfully transition autonomy to your department and school leaders
  • The perks and pitfalls of a centralized and decentralized model

This webinar on the democratization of financial data is all about creating a service-oriented finance department in large school districts. We'll cover why shared accountability is important and review perks and pitfalls. 

Presenters include Marques Whitmire and Kate Kotaska from Allovue. 

  • Marques Whitmire, Senior Account Executive, has five years of experience in k-12 education finance. At Indianapolis Public Schools, Marques was responsible for the development and distribution of $109M in general education funds across 60 schools. He worked to transition the district from traditional staffing allocations to a system of student-based budgeting by developing the allocation methodology, leading collaborative efforts to develop the weights, and assisting with change management and training efforts. Marques was also a leader in system upgrades and implementation, including the selection of a new budget tool to develop the budget in the context of student-based budgeting and principal autonomy.
  • Kate Kotaska is a Budget Director In-Residence for Allovue, Inc. Before joining Allovue, Kate spent the majority of her career in Denver Public Schools shaping the district’s resource allocation model and building a backbone of financial support known as the Financial Partner Network. As DPS' Executive Director of Budget and Finance, Kate was responsible for streamlining the district's budget process to maximize stakeholder engagement and transparency. Kate earned her undergraduate degree from Pace University in Pleasantville, NY.