Addressing Equity in a Budget Crisis (On-Demand)

Enrollment is a key driver of district revenue, but with unstable enrollment figures come unstable budgets. When districts are facing decreased enrollment/revenue, maintaining fiscal solvency can be a major challenge. How can districts advance equity while preserving fiscal solvency?

While some districts respond by cutting costs at the central office so that schools don’t directly feel a loss, these changes often have a disparate impact on students who need the most support. Although it may seem counterintuitive to add programs and services amidst fiscal constraints, it is possible to strategically advance equity initiatives during times of budgetary strain.

Watch the on-demand recording to hear more about:

  • The advantages of pursuing equity outcomes during a budget crisis
  • Strategies for advancing equity initiatives during times of fiscal strain

We'll cover district changes and policies that can be a threat to fiscal solvency within districts. Then, the discussion will move to a review of fiscal equity amidst crises and what this means in different situations. We'll then dive into taking action and responding int he moment - dealing with and attending to the crisis. Then, we'll use this as a learning opportunity to plan and budget for future revenue reductions moving forward.

Do you know the biggest threats to fiscal solvency in your district? 

  • Salaries/pensions?
  • Decreasing enrollment?
  • High overhead/under-enrolled schools?
  • Excessive/inefficient spending?

 Hint: the answer does not have to be an either/or!

The webinar is facilitated by Justin Dayhoff, Senior Account Advisor at Allovue. His focus has been on working that advances equity, both in times of surplus and in reductions. Justin Dayhoff, Senior Account Advisor, has more than a decade of experience working directly in and with public schools. His focus is school finance, with particular emphasis on school, district and state school funding models that attend to advancing vertical fiscal equity for students. He left the classroom and his role as a data specialist to pursue a PhD in Education Policy and School Finance. After additional time in central office, including the design and implementation of funding formulas for a $2 billion school district, Justin founded the company Equiday to specifically support equity analyses and the design, implementation, and support of innovative weighted and staffing funding models for k-12 school districts. Following Equiday’s acquisition by Allovue, Justin continues to support this work and develop new approaches with an even broader base of partners.