New Mexico's New Requirements from Yazzie-Martinez (On-Demand)

The changing school district fiscal policy landscape in New Mexico is rooted in state-level adequacy legislation. This session explores the policy context that spurred the enactment of Senate Bills 1 and 96, maps the new statutory requirements to school district milestones, and provides strategies to accomplish those milestones.

Viewers will better understand their roles and responsibilities in meeting new requirements, as well as explore the expanding role of the school business office in linking school- and district -level strategic planning to the resources and inputs necessary to meet those district outcome goals.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the fiscal, policy, and legislative context for SB1, SB96, and New Mexico’s changes to school funding and accountability
  2. Identify the new statutory and compliance requirements for school districts and school district business offices
  3. Crosswalk the legislation with specific milestones to support internal compliance tracking
  4. Review strategies for successful compliance with new milestones
  5. Leverage new strategies to advance fiscal equity and district outcome goals