Survive District Accounting System Transitions with Balance

If your district is preparing to undergo an accounting system transition, you may feel that now is not a good time to implement Balance. You couldn't be more wrong!

Balance can help districts streamline and minimize technical issues typically associated with new accounting system implementations. Additionally, with Balance in place, there is reduced interruption to the user’s experience. Read on to learn five ways Balance improves a district’s transition to a new accounting system.

  1. Balance maintains consistency during an accounting system transition. Once users are familiar with pulling financial information from Balance, there’s no need to disrupt their day-to-day process. Balance keeps the same look and feel during and even after the conversion. Allovue helps your district swap out the underlying system; the user doesn’t notice a difference. 
  2. Data conversion is less burdensome using Balance. Some of our districts store their historical data in Balance so they only need to immediately import recent data into the new accounting system. Since Balance sits on top of both the old and new systems, there’s less urgency to import data we’re securely housing. Import what you need right away, and we’ll hold on to the rest until you’re ready to import more.
  3. There is no re-integration fee. Unlike other SaaS vendors, we will not charge you to swap out the underlying system. We’ll work with your IT department to ensure that your district’s data is accurately re-integrated into Balance from your new accounting system.
  4. No new reports. Often during ERP implementations, considerable resources are spent developing new reports and at-a-glance dashboards for users. As long as the chart of accounts stays the same, Balance maintains your most frequent views, reports, and bookmarks after the conversion.
  5. New ERP = same district budget. If you’ve got Balance Budget in your arsenal, there’s no need to purchase an additional budgeting module with your new accounting system. Balance allows you to tailor your accounting system so you can keep what’s already working.

We've got years of experience helping districts of all sizes transition to new accounting systems. Still have questions? We're all ears!

Send an email to Senior District Partner, Kate Kotaska, at to learn how Balance helps districts survive even the toughest ERP transitions.

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About the Author

Kate Kotaska

Kate Kotaska is a Budget Director In-Residence for Allovue, Inc. Before joining Allovue, Kate spent the majority of her career in Denver Public Schools shaping the district’s resource allocation model and building a backbone of financial support known as the Financial Partner Network. As DPS' Executive Director of Budget and Finance, Kate was responsible for streamlining the district's budget process to maximize stakeholder engagement and transparency. Kate earned her undergraduate degree from Pace University in Pleasantville, NY.