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    Meet Allovue: Meghan Stanton, Account Advisor

    I always try to approach conversations with school administrators with openness and understanding — the work can be daunting, but we are all here to try and improve the lives of students.

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    Meghan's quick and sharp thinking is not only used when she's on the theatre stage. While being a great conversationalist and detail oriented researcher, she's attentive to future Allovue customer needs. Did we mention she has a signature pose? Take a peek as she strikes her pose above (we can't promise you won't use it in your next selfie). Get to know Meghan Stanton, Account Advisor!


    Tell us how you found yourself at Allovue.


    In the few years before I came to Allovue, I was working in the arts nonprofit world in Baltimore. Not only did this provide firsthand experience with the creative and sometimes convoluted ways that arts programs are funded in city schools, it gave me an appreciation of how complex finance can be — and nonprofit charts of accounts are nothing compared to a school district’s! When I found Allovue and saw how deeply committed everyone at the company is to the mission, I knew it would be the perfect place for me.


    With your background in marketing and theater, how do you apply the skills you acquired in your previous role to help you in this one?


    Perhaps unsurprisingly, theatrical experience translates very well into a job that has me talking to people all over the country. Thinking creatively and strategically about messaging, connecting with people in a genuine way, and approaching every conversation with empathy and understanding for how busy school administrators can be, are all things that are rooted in my earlier experiences. 


    What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced thus far in your role?


    There was a lot to learn! I’m a researcher and a completionist — going from understanding my local education initiatives to learning about state-specific programs and issues all over the country was a big adjustment. I think I spent as much time pouring over court cases and digging through news archives as I did actually talking to coworkers in the first few months. I truly learn something new every day at Allovue!


    What have you learned while being an Account Advisor at Allovue that has made you better as a person?


    Empathy is a muscle we should all exercise more often. Everyone who gets into school administration and finance does so because they want to make a difference, improve their school district, and help kids. The hurdles and challenges that come afterwards sometimes mean that noble goals become a daily sprint of triaging one emergency after another. I always try to approach conversations with school administrators with openness and understanding — the work can be daunting, but we are all here to try and improve the lives of students.


    What about Allovue are you usually most excited to tell districts about?


    Ditching spreadsheets and improving financial literacy! There are so many amazing features but there are two things that almost always ring true for districts. One: spreadsheets are versatile but often inaccessible, breakable, and so complicated they take days to reconcile; Allovue can eliminate virtually all of those documents. Two: folks in the finance office can probably speak in account codes, for everyone else, the story that is told by the segments of an account string is totally obscure. Allovue is searchable by account code and also in plain English — with lots of opportunities for budget managers to understand how and why dollars flow in their district.


    You’re stranded on a desert island and can only bring three things — what are you taking?


    My dog, Noodle — he’s a snuggler, and that body heat will come in handy!

    My cat, Wally — former street cat, could definitely catch me a mouse or two.

    My Eagle Scout partner should round us out — he has many skills.

    We’d totally survive.


    Image from iOS (1)Noodle and Wally meeting for the first time



    Fave thing about living in Baltimore.


    Joe Squared Pizza 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕


    Allovue works with districts and state departments of education across the country to allocate, budget, and manage spending. Allovue's software suite integrates seamlessly with existing accounting systems to make sure every dollar works for every student. Allovue also provides additional services such as chart of accounts and funding formula revisions.