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    Teacher Compensation
    The Next 10 Years of Ed Finance: Teacher Compensation
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    Student Enrollment-1
    The Next 10 Years of Ed Finance: Declining Enrollment
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    Let's Talk About Vacancies
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    Implementing a New Funding Model in a K-12 District

    School funding systems vary by state, but in the typical state, the financing of K-12 education is shared roughly equally by the state and local governments (with the federal government covering less than 10 percent of the cost).

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    ESSA and Fiscal Equity

    If No Child Left Behind (NCLB) will be remembered as the era of testing and compliance, then the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) may mark the era of equity and flexibility. While dollars aren’t the only factor in the equity equation, ESSA increases transparency and reporting requirements of how districts allocate funds to and across schools.

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    School Finance is a Civil Rights Issue

    In the United States of America, education finance is about more than just spreadsheets and budget hearings - it truly is a civil rights issue. The quality and availability of educational resources has a direct impact on student outcomes. Without equitable distribution of resources, our education system can only reproduce the same inequality that...

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    Achieving Equity Using Average Teacher Salary

    If you follow education in the news, you’ve probably heard the debate regarding use of average teacher salary versus actual teacher salary in the budgeting process. It features in most discussions of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), as the US Department of Education proposed changes in how districts measure fiscal equity. 

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    Top 10 Things Superintendents Need to Know about Education Finance

    Spending drives everything in a school district, including the ability to hire highly-qualified teachers, offer professional development, ensure that students are supported with wraparound services, evaluate the curriculum, assure the safety and cleanliness of school facilities, and provide extracurricular offerings, technology infrastructure,...

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