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    Spending Audits for Budget Efficiency & Equity [Webinar]

    The COVID-19 pandemic and related economic recession have seriously disrupted the K-12 finance and HR community. However, these disruptions also create opportunities to clean up and reorganize outdated budgets and make sure those funds are going to the right places.

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    The on-demand recording of this webinar is available through PowerSchool.


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    Performing this kind of budget audit is easier than it sounds. It can help you free up funds for other areas—instead of just cutting a set percentage off the top of your overall budget each year.


    Watch Allovue and our partners at PowerSchool and Tulsa Public Schools in this webinar and discover how you can:

    • Inventory your budgets to adapt to recent disruptions & deliver efficiency
    • Better forecast funding with more accurate enrollment predictions
    • Ensure more equitable alignment of funds


    Panelists include:

    • Jill Hendricks | Executive Director of Federal Programs and Special Projects | Tulsa Public Schools
    • Caitlin Richard | Director of Grants and Special Projects | Tulsa Public Schools
    • Justin Dayhoff | Senior Account Advisor | Allovue
    • Dan Dorr | Senior Director of Solution Marketing | PowerSchool

    Allovue works with districts and state departments of education across the country to allocate, budget, and manage spending. Allovue's software suite integrates seamlessly with existing accounting systems to make sure every dollar works for every student. Allovue also provides additional services such as chart of accounts and funding formula revisions.